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How to Enable Hey Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft has recently released the most stable and efficient windows series , windows 10 is the most stable and updated window with all the needed features. Cortana has been introduced as the windows 10 feature, this works as an assistant for the user. Hey Cortana is your personal assistant for windows as this feature will help you to navigate to websites by using voice tool. Your system will wake up after your voice command and can easily be the security feature as well.

Cortana is not enable in the windows 10, generally as a default it is not enable and user need to enable it for use. Here we will be providing an image base tutorial for new users on how to enable Hey cortana in windows 10 , this is an easy to use process as you can easily follow the steps and enable Cortana in windows 10.

Click on the Type here to search:


This is the way how Cortana communicate with user for the initial time as there are multiple options which can be operated by using cortana as you can easily redirect to the applications, documents in the system and it also works for more.

Home cortana

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By clicking over the menu option you can easily access the different features providing by the cortana and you can allow access to many things and can easily avail new features and use them.

Cortana settings

These are the different features which you will get to see in the settings tab from where you can allow access to different provided things and easily enable Cortana use in windows.

Cortana can be enabled by Using these above steps, as in the above image you can easily turn on the voice feature which will work on your voice as this feature is not enabled, it depends on you whether to make your assistant work on your voice or commands as Cortana Is providing all the access with ease to all its users. Cortana will simply work as your assistant if you enable the voice feature “Hey Cortana” in the settings then with a basic procedure cortana will work for you.